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6/1/16 - Roman Torchwick nominates Karla for Guardianship of Genessia City.
6/8/16 - David Haller takes Karla as Deputy Guardian of Genessia City.
8/11/16 - Karla inquires about special abilities.  Gale Reinhardt offers her crystals to augment her weapons.
11/4/16 - Karla spars with Roronoa Zoro, giving her the idea to start carrying a secondary sword.
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Hello, I'm Karla. Don't be shy. If you need anything, feel free to leave a message.
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[Karla still hasn't gotten over that dying in Zompania thing. The memory of drowning in death flashes through her mind over and over again, especially at night.]

[One such night has her springing up in her bed with a shriek.]

[Oh...it's just that same nightmare again. Karla pulls her knees to her chest, sobbing for a brief moment. When she pulls herself together, she stands, pacing around the room. Eventually, she wanders over to the journal lying open on her desk. As tempting as it is to call out to someone, most people are probably asleep at this hour. Al of her fellow draftees must have been as worn out as she was. Karla shuffles a page or two in the journal, unintentionally starting the video feed. Of course she would only call out to the one person who can't hear her.]

Dear Brother...I still cannot reach you. I'm so afraid...afraid that I'll never find you. I always was afraid...I just never knew it until now.

[The battle is also fresh in her mind, the heat and ferocity of it all. While she was fighting, she was able to forget her pain and her fear. But the thought of relying on violence to comfort herself from such things isn't exactly comforting.]

What have I become...? I don't want to be like this...but I still want to find you! I...I don't know what to do...!

[She clutches her head as if to contain an explosion, sobbing again all the while. She plops down on the edge of her bed, gradually pulling herself together again.]

I'm tired...but so restless. I don't want to spend my whole life fighting...but I can't stop either! [The sooner she finds Karel, the sooner she can lay down the sword for good.] So I'll keep searching for you...it's the only answer I have...

[She falls silent for a moment, feeling as though she was being watched. She glances around the room slowly. Throughout her journey, she would tell herself that Karel was watching her somehow. It was mostly wishful thinking on her part. But now that she's actually feeling this, it's very unsettling.]

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[After her shift at Good Spirits, Karla decides to wind down with a workout at the Battle Dome. Now would be as good a time as any to try Saori's battle scenario, to fight the demons and other lesser creatures that did not exist in Elibe.]

[The Sword Princess draws her Wo Dao, waiting for the creatures to attack. She dodges quickly, seamlessly, apparently biding her time to strike back. She times her attacks just so, connecting each time. The opponents may have needed several strikes to go down, but eventually they all fell.]

[Karla stands before the fallen creatures, the Wo Dao trembling in her hand. The battle lust is still fresh. It was a satisfying battle, and yet her blade craves more. But she won't overdo it. She'll make herself sick again, or worse, insane. Finally, Karla silences the hunger by shoving the sword back into its sheath, and then lets out an exasperated sigh, as if she'd just been released from a vice-like grip.]



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Here's a post if you want to interact with Karla anytime. Just note the date/location/type (Action/Video, etc).
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[Another routine training session at the Battle Dome. Karla finishes another battle with the advanced bandits programming that Ginia had taught her. However, it's only after the battle is finished when her own exhaustion seems to hit her like a freight train. Her entire body aches, and a tightening sensation in her chest. She hadn't noticed it during the battle, and she's certainly never felt this bad after one. In fact, she actually decides to quit her training session early.]

[She staggers out of the simulation room on her way out, then pauses, coughing violently.]


[Karla's definitely sick; she's sure of it now. She's put her physical activity on hold, but the urge to battle still rages within her. And worse, indulging in battle is not the ultimate answer.]

[Still coughing as she opens her journal, she waits for a lull before speaking, her voice hoarse and weak.]

...Has anyone ever had a hunger for battle that you just can't quench? What do you do to keep it from consuming you?
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[Karla finishes yet another boring bandit attack simulation in the Battle Dome and exits the room with an exasperated sigh. She needs something more. While she could join others in whatever scenarios they do, she really doesn't want to impose on anyone. She would need to create her own training sessions. And so, she picks up her journal.]

...Is there anyone who can teach me how to create more challenging Battle Dome simulations? What I know is very little, and not nearly enough.

[There might be a hint of frustration in her usual serene demeanor.]

[And she will be at the Battle Dome for anyone who wishes to answer in person.]
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[Since Karla had gotten her Wo Dao back from being duplicated, she's kept the spare sword she had picked up during the procedure. It hasn't seen much use, as Karla had only kept it at her side in case she did lose her primary sword. But recently she's decided, if she's going to carry a second sword, she might as well try to incorporate the use of it into her own style.]

[So she'll be training at the barracks, twirling and swinging her Wo Dao in the air as if in a choreographed dance. Occasionally, in mid-attack, she'll pause and draw her second katana and swing it in a different angle. She straightens herself and sheaths the katana before returning to her Wo Dao practice.]


One thing I've come to learn about Luceti is that people live very different lifestyles here. They have different cultures and different customs, and it's interesting to learn about them all.

[The droppings and the golden ass incident spring to mind, but. Well. She'll pursue more knowledge about those things on her own. Someone needs to teach this girl about mischief.]

It particularly pleases me that women can do so much...more. Where I grew up, women were not allowed to even touch a weapon. Women were only told to do what men say. They were bound to typical housework, cooking, cleaning, and the like. But I know women are capable of more than that.

But here, there's a group of warriors that are strictly women. The..."Kyoshi Warriors", I believe they were called? Personally, I have found a greater challenging in sparring with another woman. They use speed as their primary weapon. Speed is far more difficult to overcome than brute strength. What women lack in brute strength, they make up for with their speed.

I don't particularly enjoy battle myself, but I'm just glad to see that women are more than just housewives for men here.
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[Karla is back from the mission, and she is glad for it. The desert heat had gotten to her, and it was more than she could bear. As far as she's concerned, the mission was hollow to her. She didn't get any stronger from it, and she didn't pay much attention to what was going on with the Iron Eye or the Malnosso.]

[Now that she's generally recovered, she pays a visit to the clothing shop to explore the various ladies' clothing. Quite interesting, all the different fashions here in Luceti. She decides to try on a few dresses and see how comfortable they are and how well she can move in them. Among some of the dresses she tries are this, this, and this. Catch her in the clothing shop as she emerges from the dressing room and checking herself out in the mirror. She keeps her sword sheath at her waist as usual, and while standing in front of the mirror, she'll bring the sheath in front of her and draw the sword about halfway. Then she'll draw the sword completely and assume her various poses, just to see how it feels in these dresses, and how she looks in the mirror.]
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[Karla is...confused, to say the least. She didn't know who she was...but she hasn't thought about it either. She only thought of herself as just a girl, looking for her big brother. Others saw her as the Princess of Swords, a devastating warrior whose skill and beauty was talked about all over Elibe. She didn't care too much for that reputation, because she didn't care about fighting. The only thing on her mind was finding her brother.]

[But Zompano's recent takeover allowed her to become something else entirely. A wife and a mother with a family. She had to admit that she liked it while it lasted.]

[Her voice is filled with sadness and disappointment as she casually speaks into her journal.]

To be a wife and a mother, even for a short time, was...quite an illuminating experience. That's a kind of life I would have liked to live.

[At some point during the day, the Sword Princess can be found at the Battle Dome in yet another "bandits raiding the village" scenario. There are three bandits facing her now. They move in to attack, mercilessly swinging their axes at her. Karla dodges their attacks easily, as if they were moving in slow motion. And then three strokes from her sword led to three fallen bandits. The setting fades back into the usual empty room. Karla sighs as she sheaths her sword. Asch had shown her how to use the Battle Dome, but now she needs to learn how to make the scenarios more challenging.]

[Later on, she takes a break, sitting on the edge of the fountain in the plaza. She cradles her sword in her lap, stroking the smooth blade with her fingers. It's strange, having to get used to the sword all over again after temporarily forgetting her skill. As usual, she remains oblivious to the world around her. Approach her anyway?]
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A nice little analysis on Karla.

By which I mean an insanely long one... )
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[Karla seems to be recovering from her mallynap effect now. She's beginning to remember the people she's met in the past week, remembering them for who they really were, rather than the image of her brother. They had corrected her countless times, giving her their names, but it didn't matter. She still only saw them as her brother. What's happening to her? Is she losing her mind?]

[Still, she ought to address those people now that she's come to her senses.]

I feel...strange. I had been taken by those things...those sleek, armored things...and then I awoke, injured in the forest. And then, I thought I saw my brother...everywhere. No matter who I saw, I could only see my brother.

But now I remember clearly. I remember the people I saw, who they really were. I remember only seeing them as my brother at the time. And now I wonder how I could have been so foolish. So, to everyone I met during that time...I apologize for my mistake.

[Now she can get on to the next thing, something that's been on her mind for a while.]

I am curious about something, though. For a long time, I've traveled throughout Elibe. I've visited many arenas, and claimed countless victories. I have my skills with a sword, but I hate it. It must be different for the other fighters, though.

[Otherwise, there would be no arenas.]

So I've always wondered, why do the fighters enjoy fighting in the arenas? What good are skills that can only be used to kill? I don't mean the soldiers who fight for their countries or the like. I mean in the arenas, fighters come to fight because they choose to. They enjoy it. But I'm curious to know why...
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[After some time in Malnosso custody, Karla is left in the woods, beaten and bruised. Patches of blood stain her pure white clothing. Still, she's a determined girl, and struggles to get back to the village on her own. She limps through the woods on her sprained ankle, propping on trees for support with one hand, while clutching her stomach with the other.]

[Eventually, she manages to reach the village, staggering through the plaza. Tears streak down her cheeks, not from the pain of her wounds, but from the pain in her heart. She had lost against the droids. As she wonders which way to go, she steps a little too hard on her sprained ankle. The resulting jolt of pain sends her collapsing to the ground, her long black hair falling in front of her face.]

Brother...I'm sorry. I'm...too inexperienced...

[OOC: Due to Karla's mallynap effect, she will see everyone as her brother, and her attachment to him is increased almost to the point of desperation. She may become extra clingy and may reminisce about her own life. Catch her in the woods or in the plaza.]
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Activity log for 2013

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[Now that Karla has been here for a little while, she stops to reflect on what she’s seen so far.]

...This world is far different from my home. People gift each other with droppings, and monsters attack you at the bar.

[Yes, she is under the impression that everyone in Luceti gives each other poop like it’s a normal thing.]

At this point, it is clear that I won’t find my brother here. I also understand that there’s no way to get back home either. So, what does one do?

[In the meantime, Karla will do the one thing she excels at - practicing her swordplay. She’ll spend some time in the Battle Dome practicing her strokes and evasions within one of the empty rooms (no simulation programmed, because she doesn’t know how). Her movements, alternating between attacking the air and dodging imaginary attacks, almost look like a graceful dance.]

[She can also be found in the forest doing the same thing.]
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Karla Gameplay

Obviously, the gameplay in Fire Emblem doesn’t give us a very realistic depiction on how the characters fight. So for the purpose of RP, I go by character dialogue in cutscenes to get some idea. Like these examples…

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So if your character has a fight with Karla, and you want to discuss things, you can either reply here, or contact me on AIM (Crypt58), or plurk ([plurk.com profile] CrypticGirl).
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[Karla was used to wandering around. She didn't have much direction, but most of the time it didn't matter. As long as there were arenas, she knew where to go. And normally, she'd have her sword with her.]

[But now she has no idea where she is. She's wearing some kind of white sundress...which isn't bad, but she'd very much prefer her own clothing. And she has no sword. Alone in the woods of some strange new place without her sword, she feels quite lost and vulnerable.]

[Then she notices the book nearby with her name on it. Curious, she picks it up and flips through the empty pages.]

I'm lost...if only you could carry me home, Brother, like you did before...

[But she knows that won't happen this time. She lets out a sigh of longing.]

Oh Brother...where could you have gone, Brother...?
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Name: Karla
Canon: Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword (Rekka no Ken). (Also taking a bit of info from its sequel, Sword of Seals).
Gender: Female
Age: Unspecified, probably in her teens.
Wing Color: White

Canon Point: Ch 31x (Hector Mode), before Bartre confronts her.
Canon Point Explanation: For this particular game setting, I've found it easier to play my characters when they have "unfinished business" as it were. In Karla's case, she's still searching for her brother, and that is the driving force that moves her forward.
History: FE Wiki

Personality: Karla lives her life in a very similar manner as her brother Karel. She lives by the sword, mastering the art almost to the point of inhuman strength. However, Karla studies the sword for a very different reason, to grow closer to her brother. In truth, she strongly dislikes the sword, the skill that can only be used to kill. She has somewhat lost touch with her human nature (but less so than Karel). But her love for Karel drives her quest to master the sword and to find him, fondly remembering their childhood.

She can be warm (or at least mild) when she speaks to people, but she is emotionally detached from people and the world. She is extremely single-minded in her search for Karel that she doesn't pay much attention to the world around her. She has a certain level of naivete resulting from this.

However, she does express disapproval of society regarding the equality of men and women (or rather, the lack thereof), and she would rather think of everyone as equals. As a woman, she was not allowed to touch a sword where she grew up, and women were told to do what men say. Karla expresses an equal disapproval of Farina's culture, where the women bring home the bread, and the men are reduced to the value of "luggage" as Farina describes it.

While Karla may dislike fighting, she certainly will not run from a fight. She will try to resolve the misunderstanding peacefully, but she will take on an overly insistant opponent. She is confident in her skills, having claimed countless victories from the coliseums throughout her journey.

Strengths (Provide canon examples and include special powers/abilities as necessary. You may combine sections as needed, but remember to always be thorough.)
Physical: Karla is very skilled with the sword. Vaida has heard the rumors that no one can even touch Karla, because she's such a quick opponent. Her strokes are quite calculated enough to knock out a large and dedicated warrior like Bartre with a single blow without killing him. According to Bartre and Karel's FE6 supports, Bartre was never able to defeat Karla.

Mental/Emotional: Karla remains calm and fearless under pressure. She shows no signs of intimidation when Vaida rages at her and threatens her. Despite her dislike for battle, Karla is confident in her skills. Although she recognizes Bartre's improvement, she remains confident that she'll win the rematch against him. She gently assures him that he will die.

Karla has grace both in and out of battle. It is her grace outside of battle that touches both Karel and Bartre's hearts. While Karel prepares to strike her down, she shares her memory of their childhood. Some time later, Karel recalls the memory himself and declines to fight her. Bartre falls in love with Karla, the beautiful girl who is also the greatest warrior he's ever met.

Weaknesses ( Provide canon examples and include special powers/abilities as necessary. You may combine sections as needed, but remember to always be thorough.)
Physical: While Karla's strength may be described as "inhuman" by reputation, she is still completely human. She has no super powers, and all of the normal human weaknesses. It is also implied in Karel and Bartre's FE6 supports that Karla has had lingering health issues, which most likely lead to the illness that kills her in her FE7 ending.

Mental/Emotional: Karla is not terribly knowledgeable about the world around her. She tells Farina she grew up in a place that had no contact with Sacae, where she was born, so she doesn't know how Sacaens live. Karla has been solely focused on her search for her brother that she had not taken the time to educate herself on how the world works. She has a certain level of naivete. She wonders why Farina is so surprised that she hasn't been paid for joining Hector's party. And after Vaida's constant boasting about her own strength and trying to challenge Karla, she doesn't pick up on the urge to see who is stronger (until Vaida finally states it in their A support). Karla is not very organized either. She has no goal in life, other than to find her brother. She was so single-minded in that goal that she has taken up a hobby that she does not enjoy. And after she does find him, she doesn't really know how to live her life (until she marries Bartre).

Anything else?: Not at all.


First Person: Coming soon.

Third Person: It wasn't often when Karla stopped to really think about where she was or where she was going. Her journey had a goal, but no geological destination. She always faced forward, chasing any rumors or clues about her brother's exploits. When she didn't find whom she was looking for, she simply moved on.

But somehow she's found herself in an unknown land, in the middle of a forest. She now had some curious wings on her back. Why did she have wings? Was this a dream? Or more likely, a nightmare?


For the first time in years, she felt truly lost, with no idea which way to go. It was just like that bittersweet memory, where Karla had been lost and crying as a child. Her beloved brother had picked her up and carried her home. But this time was different. Her brother would not come for her. Karla inhaled deeply, fighting back her tears, and then exhaled. She could find her own way. She wasn't the weakling that she was as a child, when her brother had taken up the sword and left.

Using the river as a guide of sorts, Karla made her way through the forest, eventually coming to a village. It was certainly different from any village she had visited before. Was she truly no longer in Elibe? Looking around, Karla spotted a building that looked intriguing. It looked like a coliseum of sorts, although it, too, was different from the many in which she had competed.

...A Battle Dome? With "simulations"? Karla didn't know what that meant, but it mattered little. If her brother was to be found in this new land, he would certainly be found here.
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